What Can I do While I am Waiting to Adopt?

The adoption process can be filled with much waiting. Here are some things to consider:

  1. Recruit a committed support team to accompany you on this journey
  2. Consider starting / joining a pre-adoption support group / Bible study.
  3. Read good books on adoption
  4. Talk with your parents (future grandparents), friends, Care group, etc.
  5. Get your home in order
  6. Get your financial budget in order
  7. Get your time budget in order-consider setting aside the whole first year to focus on your new child. Pair down your work schedule, extracurricular activities, moving plans, etc.
  8. Begin to consider the age of child and the clothes they will need.
  9. Think about your school situation
  10. Talk with your biological children about adoption-this should be a family decision. (No Christmas surprises!)
  11. Make friends and/or visit with other adoptive families with children
  12. Meditate on God’s heart for adoption
  13. Talk to your church about starting an orphan/adoption ministry
  14. Pray for your child
  15. Pray for the orphans that are waiting for a forever family
  16. Talk to your church about starting an Adoption Assistance Fund

*Some of these were taken from a similar list on Project 1:27‘s website. They are great ministry that I will highlight in the days to come.


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