micah-logo.gifWhile at the Desiring God Conference for Pastors my wife and I had the joy of having dinner with Maridel and Bruce Sandburg who head up one of the pioneers of adoption grants, the MICAH Fund

Established in 1989, The MICAH Fund exists to glorify God by promoting the adoption of American black and black biracial infants and children by providing financial grants for qualified adopting couples who live in Minnesota and surrounding cities.

In many ways it is because of The MICAH Fund and the many children that were adopted by families at Bethlehem Baptist Church that my heart was stirred for adoption seven years ago. I spent three years at Bethlehem and at that time the church was small enough to really notice the large number of adoptive families. And because many of them were transracial they really stood out.We had a great time hearing from them about their own experiences as transracial adoptive parents. It put in us a fear about the reality of some of the things our children will face while at the same time they pointed us to our great God who will sustain us through it all.We also talked about what God is doing in the evangelical church when it comes to adoption and agreed that there is a stirring going on. I am excited about what God has in store for The MICAH Fund down the road. Pray for them and the continued ability to help many, many more minority children into godly homes.

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