Part 2 – Church Adoption Funds: Tangible Expression of Love

Yesterday I began my series on why we encourage churches to consider starting adoption funds.

Here is my first reason:

1. Churches can express their tangible care for families through helping them overcome the financial hurdle and make adoptions possible.

For many considering adoption, the greatest obstacle they face is the cost. To the average couple the $15,000 to $30,000 (average) it costs to adopt seems insurmountable.

Many couples on the other hand find great encouragement to continue in faith when they hear that there is financial help available. For many even hearing that financial help is possibly available depending on the availability of funds is enough to encourage them to take the first steps of faith in trusting God will provide.

By establishing an adoption fund the church can offer their families the financial support that they may need to make the adoption possible. This is a powerful way for the church to express its love for members in a tangible way and join them in their adoption journey.

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