Part 4 – Church Adoption Funds: Missions in Reverse Establishing a local church adoption fund enables adoptions to happen, providing the opportunity to reach across the globe and bring children into homes where the Gospel is proclaimed.

Many of children adopted internationally and domestically are
adopted out of situations where most likely they would not have the
chance of coming to know Christ personally. When Christians adopt, they give these children the greatest gift of all – the gospel.

While love must be the greatest motivation for adoption and supporting adoptions it is not love unless we desire our children to know Christ in a saving way. That is why we often refer to adoption as “missions in reverse.” Through the adoption of a child instead of “going and making disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:16-20) we have the opportunity to bring “all nations” into our homes to know Christ and make them disciples.

A church adoption fund is a great way to promote adoption within the church and provide funds to assist families in fulfilling the Great Commission.

For more information on how your church can start a church adoption fund please visit our website.

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