‘Sweet Amelia’ by Sandra McCracken

‘Sweet Amelia’ by Sandra McCracken

A beautiful song about Kevin & Wendy Twit’s adoption of their daughter Amelia from China. Wendy Twit writes about how the song came about:

Kevin secretly copied pages of my journal last spring I think and gave it to Sandra to inspire her to turn it into a song. He got word right before Christmas that the song was finished. Sandra gave us the song last night, and of course it is such an amazing gift that I will always tresure. Amelia is a wonderful little girl. It is so busy with having three kids, that sometime I forget the amazing journey that we went on last year. I think this song takes me back to that hard time of longing and waiting for her. It is still so amazing how God has made a baby that was born in China to become so woven into our family. We can hardly remember our family without Amelia. This song reminds me what a miracle God did in bringing her to us.

You can check out Sandra McCracken’s other songs at www.sandramccracken.com. If you want to know more about Kevin and Wendy’s journey to Amelia, you can see their online daily China journal and our home movie of the gotcha moment at here.

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