Good Soil and Orphans

Are you a “good soil” kind of Christian? Jesus said “good soil” Christians are those who “hear God’s word” and do so actively (Luke 8:15). As they hear it they “hold it fast” in “an honest heart” and the result is that they “bear fruit with patience.”

As I read that I cannot help but think of the orphans of the world and the growing number of “good soil Christians” caring for them. They are those who are hearing God’s heart for the fatherless ring loud and clear in His Word. They are those who are being honest with themselves, with God, and others about the fact that we have not had God’s heart for the “least of these.” They are those who are not sitting idly by but patiently, radically, and passionately pursuing the justice and care of the 143 millions orphans afflicted in the world today. They are bearing great fruit to God’s glory and the joy of many orphans

While there are many things to “hear” and “hold fast to” in God’s word I encourage you to let God’s heart for the orphans grip yours and move you to consider what He would have you do in joining this growing band of “good soil Christians.”

Here are a few suggested action steps to take:

  1. Read, study, and listen to God’s word regarding the “fatherless” (
  2. Pray that God would move your heart as God’s heart is moved.
  3. Confess any lack of care for the orphans of the world and ask God to direct your steps as to how you might get involved
  4. Start small and dream big about the difference that you can make in the lives of the orphans of the world.
  5. Be patient. We often don’t see the fruit right away, and sometimes it takes a very long time. Hold onto God’s Word and His promises!

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