“Adoption Magnifies the Beauty of Eternal Redemption”

dsc_0249-edited.JPGGrace Church of Memphis, our newest church partner, recently launched the “A.M.B.E.R. Adoption Fund.” “A.M.B.E.R.” stands for “Adoption Magnifies the Beauty of Eternal Redemption” and was named in honor of Amber Mathenia, the wife of Anthony and mother of two adopted children. Amber went home to be with the Lord in January, 2008

The A.M.B.E.R. Adoption Fund is Grace Church’s “more intentional effort of being involved in displaying the beauty of the gospel through encouraging adoption.” This new fund will seek to encourage and assist families who are pursuing adoption.

We are excited to partner with Grace church, administrating interest-free loans and matching grants, and for the many families and children that will display the beauty of the Gospel through adoption because of it.

For more information on how The ABBA Fund can help you start an adoption fund at your church click here.

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