Arrows in the Hand of a Warrior | Father’s Day Meditation

“Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one’s youth.” Psalm 127:4

Fathers, do you think of yourself as a warrior archer and your children as your arrows? It is an interesting picture. One that is foreign to us in our technological, 21st century day. Though if we stop long enough to meditate on it the picture is very powerful. By this verse we see first that fathers are likened to warriors. Whether we know it or not, as fathers we are engaged in a battle for the souls of our children, for their protection, their provision and their purpose in life. This makes us ask the questions: Do your children know you as a kind of warrior on their behalf? Do they feel as though you are fighting for them spiritually? The frontlines of this battle are the prayers we say on our children’s behalf. It is also the conversation and relationship we have with our children. That is where the second part of this verse comes in. The verse says, our children are like “arrows” in a father’s hand. What this speaks to is the special role a father has in influencing and sending his children out into the world. It is like an archer shooting his arrow at a target. There is purpose and direction in where he wants the arrow to go. Again, this makes us ask a few questions: What are your spiritual goals for your children? How are you aiming your children towards those goals? Are you aiming them at targets that really matter and will make a difference in this world for the glory of God?

It it an awesome responsibility to be a father. Thankfully we have God’s grace and power to live as He calls us. This Father’s Day we want you to be aware of the grace and Gospel of our heavenly father. We want you to rejoice in Him and be renewed in your vigor to be the best reflection of His heart and passion His children for your children!

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