An Orphan’s Future?

The Mestas FamilyWhile many orphans are being adopted today there are many, many more that will not be adopted. They will never know the love of a mother or a father again. It is hard to fathom that! Do we really know personally what these orphans go through? If we did, how would that change the way we prayed and lived?

In light of that, Eileen Mestas, shares a letter she received from an orphan she and her husband have built a relationship with and hope to bring home. This broke my heart! He is a year away from turning 18 and being let out of Kolfe Boys Orphanage with $400 and no one to turn too.

Solomon’s Letter dated 5/14/08


I like the chocolate very much. I bought trousers and shoes by the money you sent for me. Thank you for everything. Mom I will graduate next years. Then the camps will give me 4000birr and then I will leave from the campus. After that I will find rent houses. When I get the house I am very lucky when I don’t get the house I don’t know what to do. Here in Ethiopia rent houses are very expensive you don’t get rent houses easily. So for many kolfe young guys this is the main problem that faced with them. When they leaving the campus many of them going to street because they don’t get a work easily because of this they can’t afford money for rent in this time the inflation rate is the world problem. So, 40000 birr is not enough to do.(approx. $400) I don’t think that I get government work. But I am thinking that to open my own business by 4000 birr after leaving the campus I think to open computer service center. But it need more money the computers are very expensive the houses also very expensive. I don’t know how possible to open my own business.

When I am alone I always thinking this why God create me without family? What kinds of plan he has for me? He loves me? When he loves me why he did this to me? I don’t get an answer for this question just crying my life is full of sorrow. I am not happy even for one day just always come to my mind who am I? But I hope that one day I get an answer for my entire question. I always found my self.

Mom, I always love you. You are always in my heart I crying last night just think about you. I don’t crying like this even when I lost my father. I know it is not possible to live with you but my heart is not accepted this reality. I don’t know before what to love mean but know no one defined the world love. Love means that to love some one greater than your self. I love you mom greater than my self. May be one day we meet each other for talking one and the last time. Until then you are in my prayer. I love you very much. I can’t wait to hug and kiss you my mom. Thank you for everything mom.

Love your son Solomon

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