How to Raise $40,000 for Adoption

My wife and I met Rick and Kendra Neill last year at a mutual friend’s wedding and over the past year have gotten to know and love their passion for adoption and orphans. They are single-income family in the midst of adopting one or two children from Kyrgyzstan and trusting God for $40,000! And God has been providing!

Many folks who stumble on the blog here are in a similar position – trusting God for seemingly impossible things! May the Neill’s story encourage you and give you some practical ideas.

My husband and I have two biological children, ages 3 1/2 and 23 months, and are in the process of adopting one or two children from Kyrgyzstan. We have always had enough for what we need, but we have always operated on a tight budget. We are a single-income family, as we believe it is best for me to be at home with our young children. When the Lord laid adoption from Kyrgyzstan on our hearts, we knew we’d have to trust Him to provide in a way we had not experienced before. We are literally starting at zero in coming up with $40,000 for this adoption–no little nest egg piling up for years prior or anything.

We started off our adoption fund about a year ago in 2007 with a huge garage sale that brought in approximately $1,000 for us and $400 for another adoptive family. That is a tremendous outcome for a garage sale, and we were so thankful for what God provided through that. We had some leftover items from that sale, so I planned on doing one more sale the following year. Starting in January 2008, we spread word that if anyone had items they were clearing out or were going to take to the thrift store and wouldn’t mind donating them to our sale, then we would store them until then. My mom also made an announcement in the hospital newsletter where she works in a neighboring town. We had over forty people donate items, many of whom we have never even met (friends of friends, or people from my mom’s hospital). People were dropping stuff off–literally–by the truck load! As the time drew nearer for the sale, we thought and prayed for a few weeks about logistics of our sale and decided to not price anything and just have things for sale by donation. I had also read of this idea on a Yahoo group. We were excited to see how God wanted to provide through this year’s sale. Based on how much stuff we had this year compared to last year, I was hoping for at least $2,000 (and probably secretly hoping for $3,000!). I knew we had at least twice the amount of items. God provided above and beyond what we ever expected! Over $1,000 came in in the first 4 hours! Total sales over the three days was almost $5,000! Our hearts are full of gratitude to our gracious Heavenly Father, and to our supportive friends and family. We could not have done this without a lot of help starting at 5 am on Thursday, and for the rest of the 3 days of selling.

We are now at the half-way point in coming up with $40,000 and that is an exciting place to be! The $20,000 we have put toward our adoption so far is not even including what we have paid ourselves–that is just what the Lord has provided so far through donations and our sales! We were hoping that we wouldn’t have to borrow more than $20,000 for this adoption, and now we are hoping to not have to borrow more than $10,000!

To read more about the sale including tips, pictures, and stories of how God provided and encouraged us during the sale, visit Our Adoption Garage Sale Fundraiser.

7 thoughts on “How to Raise $40,000 for Adoption

  1. Why do you need $40K when you can adopt children for very minimal fees and even subsidies from foster care?

    Are you aware that paying fees like that are being party to corruption in adoption? Are you aware that the majority of chidlren in orphanages worldwide are not orphans but have fmaily who visit and hope to take them home as was the case with David, adopted by Madonna? Are you aware that many children worldwide are TRICKED into adoption? Stolen or kidnapped from their parents? Or their parents are coerced into signing papers they cannot read and do not understand and believe their chidlren are going to be educated and returned to them?

    Are you aware that every time a westerner pays a fee of 440K, it is one less child that can be adopted by those in his own country who love to have him and thus allow him to remain in, !his own culture but they cannot compete with US dollars?

    How is any of this God’s Plan??

    The Bible teaches that King Solomon gave the hcild to the mother who did not want it harmed and thr story story of moses clearly tells of the strong bond between a child and his natural mother, and hat no mother would let her child go if not for total desperation – or being tricked.

    $40,000 could save an entire village! Wouldn’t THAT be what Jesus would do, rather than take one child out of his family and culture?

    Mirah Riben, author

    THE STORK MARKET: America’s Multi-Billion Dollar Unregulated Adoption industry

  2. That is amazing! My husband and I are w ondering where we are going to come up with the $35,000 to adopt from South Korea – by early next year!

  3. Congratulations! God is blessing your faithfulness and quiet peace as you trust in Him to provide the funds to bring your children home. No scolding from me – I would love to inherit a large amount of money and underwrite adoption stories such as yours.

    Mom to 9 so far………

  4. Wow … I hadn’t seen this objection before. I’m sure there are places things like this could be true. But where I just came from, to bring home my daughter, this was NOT our experience by even a fraction! What we saw was a country and staff workers working SO diligently to ensure that everything was done ethically. There weren’t lots of birth families coming to visit children. Many had not a living family member left. I heard their stories with my own ears. I think that we walk dangerous ground when we try to generalize all the children into one category. Children come to being orphaned by many different circumstances. My other daughter was left an orphan here in our own country. How is it better that I went to bring her home than my daughter in Ethiopia?

    So while we must work to ensure ethical adoptions, there should not be criticism to the families who are working to ensure these children have a place to call home. We were welcomed and embraced by people in our daughter’s homeland. Perhaps this doesn’t happen in every country, but it was our experience, as well as many others.

    What I do know is that my daughters are not going to care as much about the fees that had to be paid to process every part of their paperwork, as they will care that they have a home, a family. They will grow up hearing about their birth-heritage as well. Their roots will be honored.

    We are just a simple ordinary family. I think most adoptive families view themselves as that. It is not our place to make everything right here on earth. But someday we’re gonna stand before the Lord and answer for what we did do. When He tells us to do something, we must answer and obey. For us that was going against all odds of practical reason and welcome two children into our family. How glad we are that we did. What a journey it has been. We’ve learned so much about God’s heart through it all.

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