Adoption Testimony: The Dunn Family

A year ago the Dunn family had no plans to add to their family of 5. That was until God began to open their eyes to His heart for the orphan and the poor. In March, they picked up their 5 adopted children from Brazil and doubled their family size! Because of God’s blessing and your financial support, we were able to help them with an interest-free loan to make this adoption possible. This is a letter they sent to us recently:

Dear Jason and Abba Fund Staff,

Mary Jane and I would like to say thank you for helping us financially during our adoption. When the Lord began dealing with us about adopting a sibling group of five (5) from Brazil, we knew that it would only happen if He showed up. We were able to raise over $20,000.00 through different fund raisers and through gifts from friends and family but we were still only half way there. We still needed another $20,000.00 and we were scheduled to leave soon for Brazil. We submitted our application to The Abba Fund and we were approved! We were so happy. The Lord made a way where there didn’t seem to be a way! Our adoption was made possible because of the loan provided by your ministry. Thank You! We now have five (5) new children in our family (we have 8 total) and they are so happy to finally have a family that they can call their own. These children have lived either on the street or in an orphanage their entire lives and now they are living in a home where they can grow up nurtured with the love of Christ. We can’t say thank you enough for what your ministry has done for our family.


The Dunn 10
Jim, Mary Jane, Michael, Maryssa, Matthew, Marlon, Ana, Diogo, Gabriel and Robert

You can read more of their incredible story on their blog here.

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