George Muller and Praying for God’s Provision

This excerpt from George Muller’s Autobiography is a great example and encouragement of how to trust in the Lord and plead with Him alone for His provision:

My gracious Lord has not sent me help yet. Yesterday and today I have been pleading with God, giving reasons why He would be pleased to send help. The arguments I used are:

  1. I began the work for the glory of God that there might be visible proof of God supplying, in answer to prayer only, the necessities of the orphans. He is the living God and eager to answer prayer. 
  2. God is the “Father of the fatherless,” and as their Father, He should be pleased to provide (see Psalm 68:5).
  3. I have received the children in the name of Jesus. Therefore, He, in these children, has been received, fed, and clothed (see Mark 9:36-37).
  4. The faith of many of the children of God has been strengthened by this work. If God withheld the means for the future, those who are weak in faith would be discouraged. If the ministry was continued, their faith might still further be strengthened. 
  5. Many enemies would laugh if the Lord withheld supplies and say, “We knew that this enthusiasm would come to nothing.” 
  6. Many of the children of God, who are uninstructed or in a carnal state, would feel justified to continue their alliance with the world in their ministries. They would continue in their unscriptural proceedings to raise money if He did not help me. 
  7. God knows that I cannot provide for these children in my own strength. Therefore, He would not allow this burden to lie on me long without sending help.
  8. My fellow-laborers in the ministry also trust in Him.
  9. I would have to dismiss the children from under our scriptural instruction to their former companions if He does not help me. 
  10. He could prove wrong those who said, “In the beginning supplies might be expected while the ministry is new, but after a while, people will lose interest and stop supporting it.” 
  11. If He did not provide, how could I explain the many remarkable answers to prayer which He had given to me previously which have shown me that this work is of God?

In some small measure I now understand the meaning of that word, “how long,” which frequently occurs in the prayers of the Psalms. But even now, by the grace of God, my eyes are on Him only, and I believe that He will send help.”

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