Orphans and the Unreached

Alan Hunt is the World Orphans Director of Advocacy and Church PartnershipsI have become increasingly burdened by the plight of orphans worldwide and at the same time the eternal plight of the millions with no access to the Gospel. Alan Hunt of World Orphans posted some great thoughts on this here.

There are 143,000,000 orphans concentrated in many of the least reached countries in the world. What if God sees them as an army? An army waiting to be trained, commissioned and mobilized. An army of next generation missionaries capable of finishing the “Great Commission” task. They already speak the indigenous language and they already understand the culture. In other words, the church does not have to send or place them…God already has them strategically positioned. If we, The Church, rescue the orphan and give them the love, hope, and promise of Jesus Christ, they will carry it forward more effectively than any time in modern church history. I believe that The Church needs the orphan as much as the orphan needs The Church!

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