Looking for a Movie this Weekend?

Here are a few movies with an adoption theme: 

(Lionsgate; PG-13)
As this understated but powerful movie unfolds, a single waitress learns she’s pregnant. Through her friendship with a chef, she discovers some unexpected things about herself and the world. Set in a diverse neighborhood, Bella incorporates themes of family values, friendship, and kindness.
(Fox Searchlight; PG-13)
In this hip, sarcastic comedy, a pregnant high-school student decides to place her child for adoption. This film charts her journey over the next year, as she balances home and school life, matches with a family, and more. Topics like teen pregnancy, and shallow comments on overseas adoption, might make this inappropriate for a younger crowd.
August Rush
(Warner Bros.;PG)
A boy living in an orphanage believes that, through his music, he’ll reunite with his parents. Although a bit sentimental, this film is a hopeful, modern-day fairytale with an enduring message. Kids will be uplifted by the lively melodies and the kindhearted, everyday characters who guide young August. Parents will appreciate the sincerity of the birthparents, as well as the social worker who helps August see that, with adoption, there’s a whole world waiting for him.
Martian Child
(New Line Cinema; PG)
In this comedy-drama, a widower adopts a young boy who claims he’s from Mars, as a way to explain his birthparents’ abandonment of him. Based on an award-winning short story, Martian Child deftly explores the joys and pains of adopting and raising a child. Every parent who watches will sympathize and learn from this heartfelt and honest film.
Source: Adoptive Families, July/August 2008  | Disclaimer: The ABBA Fund does not necessarily agree with or endorse every idea and opinion contained in these movies. We trust that you will use your judgment and discernment as you choose and watch. 

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