Weep with Those Who Weep


AP/Jerome Delay
Protegee, carrying her sibling on her back, cries as she looks for her parents through the village of Kiwanja, north of Goma, eastern Congo onThursday Nov. 6. A fragile cease-fire in Congo appeared to beunraveling Thursday as the U.N. said battles between warlord Laurent Nkunda’s rebels and the army spread to another town in the volatile country’s east.

I am freshly reminded to pray for the situation in the Congo today. This picture also reminds me of the horrific circumstances and injustice that millions of children are facing in the world today. O that we would not forget these little ones dear to God’s heart (Psalm 68:5).

(HT: WorshipTrench via VitaminZ)

1 thought on “Weep with Those Who Weep

  1. Breaks my heart Jason. I have been to Goma twice in the past two years, and we had a team there three weeks ago. Really devastating, and so many good people there. We have helped support an orphanage there called Bahati Orphanage which has 60 kids and one worked.

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