Advent Conspiracy

From my wife’s blog

Oh how the holidays can carry us away into selfishness!!  Isn’t it true?  We easily get wrapped up in our lives, the festivities, the traditions, the family, etc.  These can all be good things, but they pale in comparison to our true hearts desire – worship!

Advent Conspiracy has resources to encourage and challenge us to make this Christmas a world-changing event that draws our heart to:

Worship Fully.

Spend Less.

Give More.

Love All.

Check out the video –

1 thought on “Advent Conspiracy

  1. Great video.

    I am trying to put together a meaningful present for my wife, and I have been so excited about it, that it has been easy for me to resist going for the easy consumer purchase. Assuming I can pull it off, I think she will like the finished project better (at least I hope). Essentially, I am trying to put together a compilation of letters from mothers to mothers. For a run-down on my gift (and a chance to contribute), visit

    There is also a place for other conspirators to share what they are doing.

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