Nearly 250 Families Initiate the Adoption Process

This is exciting news out of Colorado! I pray that what these churches in Colorado are doing for the orphans in their State will spread to the rest of the country. There are already similar initiatives that I know of in Florida, Arkansas, Kansas and Texas.

wait no more.jpg
Good News: Focus on the Family Helps to Find Homes for Colorado’s Kids

Nearly 250 families initiate the adoption process.

by Jennifer Mesko

About 1,300 people flooded into New Life Church in Colorado Springs
on Saturday. Their mission: To learn more about the 700 kids in Colorado’s foster care system waiting for adoptive families.

Focus on the Family and the other sponsors of the Wait No More event had hoped 100 families would feel led to welcome a child home.

“We are thrilled that nearly 250 families started the process of adoption from foster care, and we will continue our efforts until we are the first state with no more waiting kids in foster care,” said Kelly Rosati, Focus on the Family’s senior director of Sanctity of Human Life.

2 thoughts on “Nearly 250 Families Initiate the Adoption Process

  1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful report! We wanted to attend but had only been home 3 days from China with our second. I wondered if it was too soon to consider a third child… nah, but the jet-lag still kept us home. I hope they do it again next year.

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