Remember To Apply for Your ATIN

I just filled out the form for Micah’s ATIN. Almost forgot all about it.

Q.1. What is an ATIN?

A.1. An ATIN is an Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number issued by
the Internal Revenue Service as a temporary taxpayer identification
number for the child in a domestic adoption where the adopting
taxpayers do not have and/or are unable to obtain the child’s Social
Security Number (SSN). The ATIN is to be used by the adopting taxpayers
on their Federal Income Tax return to identify the child while final
domestic adoption is pending.

Q.2. Who needs an ATIN?

A.2. If you are in the process of adopting a child and are able to
claim the child as your dependent or are able to claim a child care
credit, you may need an ATIN for your adoptive child.

Q.3. Why do I need an ATIN?

A.3. Recent tax law changes require that when you list a person’s
name on your federal income tax return, you must provide a valid
identifying number for that person. During the adoption process, you
may not have been able to obtain an existing or a new Social Security
Number (SSN) for the child who may already have been placed in your
home. If you are eligible to claim the child as your dependent, and you
don’t have the child’s SSN, then you will need to request an ATIN in
order to claim the child as a dependent and ( if eligible) to claim the
child care credit.

The IRS gives a helpful overview of all things ATIN here.

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