We Can’t, We Must, We Can

These were the three points from my pastors message this past Sunday preaching from Matthew 14:13-21, where Jesus feeds the 5000. It was a fitting word as we considered how we as a church can make a difference in the lives of the orphans of the world.

When faced with the hungry crowd of people listening to Jesus preach the disciples didn’t feel they were adequate to meet the enormous need. They said, “We can’t feed them, send them away.”

Jesus told his disciples, “You feed them.”

The disciples said, “But, what we have is so insignificant.”

Jesus said, “Bring what little you have to me.”

We know the rest. They had leftovers!

This is an awesome reminder of the fact that Jesus takes the little we have and multiplies it to make much for His glory!

How often have you looked at the vast needs around you – 132 million orphans, poverty, no clean water for billions – and felt like all you can do is so little and insignificant.

Jesus says, “Bring whatever talent, gift, resource, word, whatever you have, no matter how small to me and I will multiply it.”

As He multiplies what we give Him He magnifies His compassion through us to a needy world.

Listen here to the full message. Also included is the audio of Doug Hayes, the Executive Director of Covenant Mercies, a gospel-centered nonprofit organization established for the purpose of serving the poor, the orphan, the widow, and others facing severe adversity. Visit the Covenant Mercies website for how you can sponsor an orphan in Africa.

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