Adoption by Grace

wongsI want to take the opportunity to introduce some new friends of mine in the adoption world, Kristin and Phil Wong. They are adoptive parents and run a great ministry called Adoption by Grace. Their website has numerous articles and resources that are a great encouragement. Kristin and I have had the joy of speaking at an adoption even in the past and will be speaking again in Austin, TX next month. She is a gifted communicator, sharing her own journey and the lessons learned as an adoptive mother, and a passion for the glory of God in adoption. 

Kristin is also author of the book Carried Safely Home. I can say many good things and recommend it highly (you can buy it here from Amazon)but I love how she describes the book:

Carried Safely Home rejoices in the greatness of God that we can experience through adoption. It celebrates the spiritual riches embedded through this amazing way of building a family. It reveals how precious adoption can be in our pilgrimage towards God.

Phil has also written a childrens book called The Little Girl who who represents all the girls of China who are threatened by abortion, abandonment or a life of deprivation in an orphanage. 

The goal of the book is to turn the hearts of fathers and mothers to their daughters. I dream that this book will influence Chinese culture and in coming generations, help equalize the gender imbalance. The first edition of The Little Girl will be in English. We plan to distribute the second Chinese edition in China.

Please check out their website here for more information and resources.

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