“We Cannot”

Do you ever feel as though the magnitude of the need is overwhelming. The task that God has called you too great?  Do you ever feel like the disciples when Jesus asked them to feed the hungry multitudes? I think Spurgeon captures what I can easily feel when I look at the vast number of orphans, the billions without clean water, the thousands dying everyday from preventable causes.

“I think I hear you reason in your hearts and whisper one to another, ‘Who are we that we should feed this multitude; look at their hosts, who can count them?  …These hungry, craving mouths are almost as numerous as the sands on the sea shore; whence should we have that we should give them to eat?”  Do I hear you murmur, ‘The multitudes are great, and scant the supply.  We have but five loaves, and they are made of barley; we have but two fishes, and they are little ones.  The bread hardly suffices for ourselves; the fishes are so small that they will be more bones than meat.  What are these among so many?  …We have a mountain before us, and we have to level it to a plain: how can we do it?  …Master what can we do?  There are so many; we have not bread for ourselves, and we cannot buy it on their behalf… Thou hast called us to a work that is too hard.  We cannot do it, Master.  We come to thy feet, and we say we cannot give these multitudes to eat.” – Charles Spurgeon

Stay tuned for some encouragement…

3 thoughts on ““We Cannot”

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