“We Can”

Yesterday I posted on the feeling of “We Cannot”, this morning “We Must” and now be encouraged that “We Can” make a difference in this world for the good of the poor, helpless, needy, orphaned for the glory of God.

“Let the words sink down into your ears.  Let the vision rise perpetually before your eyes. See your work.  Great as it is, dispirited as you may be by the great multitude who crave your help, yet recognize the appeal to your faith… There is a brother yonder who says, ‘Well, I have but little money to spare!’  ‘Never mind,’ says Christ, ‘let what you have be brought to me.’  ‘Ah,’ says another, ‘I have but very short time that I can spare in laboring to do good.’ ‘Bring it to me.’  ‘Ah,’ says another, ‘but I have small ability…’ ‘Bring it to me.’  … ‘Ah,’ says another, ‘and I do not know that I could do that; I could but distribute a tract.’  ‘Bring it to me.’ Every talent that the church has is to be brought to Christ… Let us bring all we have to Christ, likewise in faith, laying it all at his feet, believing that his great power can make little means suffice for mighty ends.” Spurgeon

I love those words, “Bring it to me.”

What do you have that you can bring to Christ today?

Let us believe and live in the reality that He can and will take the little we bring and make it mighty for His kingdom? O, to think of what that means for His glory and the good of the poor, needy, and fatherless of our world!

4 thoughts on ““We Can”

  1. Jason this is an AWESOME post !! If it doesn’t encourage you, you can’t be encouraged! Sometimes we (I) allow satan to remind me of all the things I can’t do, instead of listening to Christ who is saying, “Bring it to me”. Thanks Man!

  2. Thank you Jason for this post. It speaks to my heart. Recently God gave me a vision -it seems like ‘too big” for me…something He is asking me to do, to call the Church to wake up to James 1:27…I have found myself going from excited to totally overwhelmed, to questioning if God somehow made a mistake in asking me?…

    but as I see through this post, I just need to “bring it to Him.” And give Him the best I have, that is all He is asking for anyway. I know God doesn’t make mistakes, so I need to step out and trust Him.

    thanks again Jason;

    mama to 7
    one homemade and 6 adopted

  3. Kimmie and Scott –
    Thank you! You guys are awesome examples of serving with all your hearts for the sake of the fatherless! I am so glad this post was an encouragement to you. I need to heart his word frequently!

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