Raising a Vision for the World

My wife posted yesterday about our desire to raise our children with a vision for the nations and some helpful resources –

We desire for our kids to have a vision for the world, for the nations.  We want them to know that there are people around the world that have never heard about Jesus, and we want them to know that there is suffering far worse than we have ever known in this country.  We want them to know this b/c God’s heart is for every tribe, tongue, and nation!  We want them to 1)pray 2)have a worldview that encompasses the whole world…not just their little world 3)to nurture a heart of compassion for all peoples.  

We have read Window on the World to them (a book I highly recommend), and they really like the book, the pictures, and learning about other peoples (even with their little attention spans!). But after listening to Piper’s sermon yesterday, I got excited to do the Global Prayer Digest

This morning, I opened it up, and we read todays prayer focus for the Iku people in Nigeria.  I read the first sentence, “The Iku people of Nigeria have no Christian resources, no current contact with mission agencies, and no Scripture in their language.”  Samuel looked at me and said “I will go”. My mommy’s heart melted. 

My daddy’s heart melted too! May that desire never wane but only grow (in my son, AND in me!)

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