Chapman Family ‘Beginning to Feel Some Healing’

Christian Post has an article on how the Chapman family is doing after the loss of their daughter last May. Chapman is quoted: 

“[W]e’ve kind of in a place where … there’s this hole in our heart and in our soul. That’s going to be there until we see Maria again,” he said. “But we’re able to, at least I am, to look at pictures and watch videos of her and it’s not as suffocating as it was. It’s not just where you can’t even breathe. It’s getting to where I can have sweet memories.

“There’s a lot I can’t explain, there’s a lot we don’t understand,” he told People magazine. “But I really do believe we’re proving out everything we believe and God’s healing our hearts.”

I am so thankful for the evidence of God’s grace in their lives. God is using the Chapmans mightily for His kingdom and for the sake of the fatherless.


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