2 thoughts on “Documentary: WarDance

  1. So I went to see this in indy theatre in Feb 2008. I took my 4 and 5 yr old. When they got to scene with girl laying on dad’s grave crying, my son’s begins shouting to me “what is going on dad” since he couldn’t read the sub-titles. I was so choked up that all I could do was just put my hand on his mouth to keep him from continuing to shout. Great flick. Very sad but uplifting at the same time. We broke ground in 2008 on a trade school in the region. Now have about 12 acres and have a couple buildings under construction plus installed water well in November. Plan is to have a boarding school trade school for former child soldiers. Include a trade, farming, trauma healing, and theology.

    • Wow Beau, thanks for sharing. Keep me posted on the progress of the trade school. That is a great ministry and service. I noticed at the end of the movie that one of the girls went on to a trade school in southern Uganda. Made me wonder if that was because there was nothing in the North. It is awesome to know that there will be because of what you guys are doing!

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