Decree of Adoption

img_00421On Monday we received our son’s Decree of Adoption in the mail. This is the document that tells us his adoption is final. Declared. Legal.

What it practically means is he is ours.Just as any of our other children are ours. Just as any of your children are yours. He is ours.

It is really interesting to read through the Decree. I copied some of the text below for you to read.
I also can’t help but think of the spiritual parallel between this legal document and the our legal adoption in Christ.

“It is hereby ordered, adjudged, and decreed by the Court:

(1) That from the date of the entry of this Decree herein, the said minor is declared adopted for life

(2) That the Decree of Adoption effects a complete substitution of families for all legal purposes and establishes the relationship of parent and child; together with all the rights, responsibilities and duties, between each petitioner and the individual being adopted;

(3) That from the date of the Decree of Adoption, the adoptee is entitled to inherit real and personal property by, through, and from the adoptive parents in accordance wih the statutes on intestate sucession and has the same legal status, including all legal rights and obligations of any kind whatsoever, as a child born the legitimate child of the adoptive parents.

In light of this, here are some thoughts on our adoption in Christ:

  1. You have been “adopted for life”! Eternal life to be exact! Our earthly adoption of our son is only temporary. God’s adoption of us is even greater because it is eternal.
  2. You have experienced a complete substitution of family. You have a new family, a new Father, new perfect elder brother (Jesus), and new brothers and sisters (the church!). We may still have responsibilities to our earthly family but our ultimate responsibility is to our heavenly Father and his will and purposes.
  3. You are a heir of everything that Christ will inherit!
  4. You have the same legal status, rights, obligations as a natural child of God.

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