The Adoption Wait

RJ posed this question on the Weaving Families blog today:

What did you do during “The Wait”. How did you/or are you surviving this time between when you got a referral and the homecoming?

My wife and I managed The Wait by taking one day at a time (or trying our best too). We tried to remember that God’s grace is sufficient for today and that He tells us not to worry about tommorrow. His grace will be there too. In fact He promises us an eternity of future grace. That assured us that we would always have the grace and strength to get through today no matter what it looked like and felt like. In the midst of all this, it was also good to know that our adoptions were not about us as much as they were about His greater purposes; the extension of His care for the fatherless through broken vessels like us and His glory in the picture that adoption is of the Gospel. It can be so easy to forget this and we needed to remind each other of this often. These things carried us through and in the end it is like after a painful pregnancy where the memory of the pain is overshadowed by the joy of new life entering the family!

Go and visit RJ’s blog and answer the question yourself!

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