10 thoughts on “Africa, You are Stealing my Heart

  1. My daughter spent three weeks in S. Africa last summer.
    She said she witnessed so many miracles because FAITH is all the people have…nothing else.

    She just came back from N. Ireland and she was shocked by what she saw.
    A total LACK OF JESUS..and a religion that dictates who you are friends with and where you live…nothing else….

    There is so much work to be done….. I pray a revival in God’s people to become His workers and that they would have a driving passion like the heart of Jesus…nothing else…

  2. I read your post and then this article in Time right after it, and thought it was very interesting:


    It has a great link to an organization that matches volunteers with projects in different parts of the world.

    We were in South Africa this past June when we adopted our daughter Esther. There really truly is something about Africa.

    I also watched “War Dance” recently (on your wife’s recommendation!), as well as “The Gods Grew Tired of Us” (about Sudan). Other great documentaries are “Angels in the Dust” and “We are Together”, both about South Africa.

    Keep us posted on what God is doing in your heart about Africa!

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