Passing On & Leaving Behind

A good friend of ours shared on her blog some of the things she and her husband want to pass on to their children.
Passing On- Family Traditions
Leaving behind- Individualism

Passing On-WorldView through the Gospel
Leaving Behind-WorldView through man-centeredness

Passing On-I love you
Leaving Behind-Silence/Assumption

Passing On-Failures are okay
Leaving Behind-You control everything

Passing On-Trust Jesus
Leaving Behind-Worry

Passing On-You are just like the Poor
Leaving Behind-There are no Poor

Passing On-I was wrong/Forgiveness
Leaving Behind-Anger & Bitterness

Passing On-World outside of America
Leaving Behind-World is America

Passing On-Security in Christ
Leaving Behind-Security in Money

Passing On-Others are first
Leaving Behind-Others are Second

Passing On-Acceptance of Suffering
Leaving Behind-Comfort is true life

Passing On-Courage is trusting YAWEH
Leaving Behind-Safety is in your hands

Passing On-We are sinners
Leaving Behind-We are good

Passing On-Jesus is way, truth & life
Leaving Behind-Your way is truth & life

What are some of the things you are passing on or leaving behind to your children?

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