‘Adoption Turned our Family Upside Down’

Jeremy Haskins, who just today became an adoptive dad to two boys in Ethiopia, and a pastor at Ashland Avenue Baptist Church, has a must read post on how adoption has turned his family’s life upside down and how the Gospel calls all of us to live upside down in some way –

The message of the Bible is about a King who is flipping the work of Satan on its head.  He is redeeming a world that has been turned upside down through the invasion of sin and death.   When we believe this message we become a part of a Kingdom whose power is actively confronting all that is ungodly in the world. This includes the reality of children who have been abandoned…

Maybe God is calling you to do something radical for Jesus.  For us it is adoption.  It may be the same for you.  It may mean giving more so others can adopt.  It may be becoming a committed advocate for orphans and orphan care around the world.   It may mean something all together different for you and your family.  However, for all Christ-followers the gravity of the gospel is pulling you to live upside down in some way that turns the wisdom of the world on its head.  May it be said of us this year and for eternity, these are they who turned the world upside down.

Read the whole post here. It will be worth your time.

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