Foster Kid Jokes

I just stumbled onto this video. I wasn’t sure about it at first but in the end it struck me as powerful. Please take the time to watch.

Here is a description from the folks at Foster Club who did the video –

These foster kid jokes have been circulating underground for the past few years. Regularly at national child welfare events, where foster youth and young alumni assemble, these jokes have become a tradition of sorts. Some of the jokes are shocking, some are tragic, but they have all been created by youth who lived them. Some foster youth view it as a way to use humor to deal with the past. Others feel the jokes unveil a universal bond between people who have shared the experience of life in foster care. These jokes are shared with you today to raise awareness about the issues faced by young people in foster care. One last note: Many of the jokes seem very hard on biological parents. That is not the intention. At FosterClub, we understand there are complex systemic problems leading to foster care, including extreme poverty, mental health, addiction, and more. The jokes simply illustrate “how things are” from a young person’s point of view.

1 thought on “Foster Kid Jokes

  1. WOW. Yeah, seriously… powerful. Thanks for posting this. Makes me really thankful for all of the parents in our church that have chosen Foster Care over adoption. These kids need some love.

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