We Care About What We See

I just watched a great message by Todd Phelps from Mosaic Church in Charlotte, NC. They recently adopted an orphanage in Uganda and sent a team over to meet the kids and begin plans for the future. Todd shares some of the story of how God led their church in this direction. The sermon video also has some great footage and testimonies from some of the children at the home. You can watch Godfrey’s story above.

One of the most powerful things he shared in his sermon was this statement:

We care about what we see.

It often takes going overseas to open our eyes to the reality of poverty and real need. I believe in that more than ever as I am personally experiencing that right now as my wife and I are in Uganda adopting (I wish I had video and photos to share but those will come). But, if you can’t go right now, then the internet is an amazing tool that allows us to see video and read personal stories of individuals who can go.

When we go and when we see we cannot help but care.

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