Take a Stand as a Family for Children at Risk

More than 1.2 billion children around the world grow up without hope and basic necessities. This large group is normally untouched by the message of God’s love and compassion. What can we do?

Red Card: Standing Against Oppression, Providing Hope is a new curriculum on children at risk created by Caleb Resources, a Pioneers team based in Denver. The unique feature of Red Card is the target audience – families. It builds family unity and empowers kids to become advocates for vulnerable children, their own peers. This 8-week family class raises awareness of six different types of children at risk:

  • children in poverty
  • orphans
  • street kids
  • child laborers
  • children of war
  • and children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Hands-on learning allows participants to step into the daily lives of children at risk, motivating them to make a difference.

For more information and a sample lesson, go to www.redcardkids.org

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