The Isaiah 58 Fast

Picture 3The Lord has been using Isaiah 58 to stir folks from around the country to pray and fast for the poor, the hungry, and the fatherless. Each Wednesday we are devoting the day to fast, to call on the Lord, spend time in Isaiah 58, to pray with and for one another, and to pour ourselves out practically for the poor.

Isaiah 58 is an incredible prescription for God’s people. In it, God promises heights of joy unlike any other to those who pour themselves out for the poor. It is hard to read it without being deeply challenged, convicted, and comforted at the same time! I encourage you to read it today.

We would love to have you join us and others from these great organizations as we seek God’s glory and the good of the poor around the world.

Children’s HopeChest, HopeMongers, Amazima, Red Letters Campaign, Global Orphan Outreach, Orphan Relief and Rescue, Remember the Poor, Doma Connection

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4 thoughts on “The Isaiah 58 Fast

  1. YEAH!!!! I’m really going to write about it soon! I talked to Russ and he and Sam have all the logistics of us having an iFast58 site!

    I’m thrilled with what God is doing through this. . .can’t believe He lets us be a part of it!

    Praying for you today, my friend. . .and rejoicing with you tonight as you are united as a family!!!!!


  2. Hello, I used the image from your blog on my blog (above), with credit ascribed to your page. If you object, will you please let me know and I will remove it immediately? Thank you.

  3. Hey Jason,

    I read your post and was encourage by the fact that you are moved and encouraged by Isaiah 58 and the true fast God has called us to. I found this organization called Live58, whose heart is to end extreme poverty by living out Isaiah 58 and joining with other organizations (their 10 alliances) to take action and serve those in poverty, fighting to bring them out of it. After learning a lot about them, I found out they had an internship program and I am now interning for them! I believe you would really enjoy what they are doing! Check them out at If you have any questions about it let me know 🙂


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