Conference Discount for College Students

1269.jpgWe are excited to announce a discount for all college students for our conference this fall.
We would love to see students from around the country converge on Franklin Oct 2-3 with a passion to give their lives to something bigger than themselves.

In many ways, college students have the most potential of anyone to make a difference in the lives of the fatherless:

  • Summers free to spend serving in orphanages (come hear from some great organizations providing these kinds of opportunities)
  • Freedom to follow God to the ends of the earth (hear about the mission of the church and the fatherless)
  • More time free to serve in the church (hear from different organizations on how you can be a part of establishing an orphan care ministry in your church)
  • Time to serve as a mentor to foster children (hear from foster care ministries around the country)
  • Time to serve adoptive families 
  • Creativity and freedom to start new projects, ministries, businesses that will seek the good of the fatherless
  • An early start on developing a Gospel-centered vision for how your future marriage and family will serve the fatherless

Contact us for a discounted rate today.  

1 thought on “Conference Discount for College Students

  1. Oh, I so wish I lived closer!!! This all sounds amazing!!! I seriously just googled the driving time from Denton to Franklin and it is 11 hours…makes it a bit long for a weekend road trip 😦 Will you be recording it?

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