The Gospel Demands Radical Giving to the Poor – David Platt

The night before I left for Uganda I asked folks what sermons I should bring with me to listen. Specifically, I asked for sermons that changed peoples lives. One brother tweeted that I listen to the Radical series by David Platt. I asked him if there was one in particular. He said, “go for the jugular” and listen to ‘Radical Giving.’ I posted the sermon below. It is one of the most powerful, biblical, challenging, and convicting sermons I have heard – in general, and on this issue.

7 thoughts on “The Gospel Demands Radical Giving to the Poor – David Platt

  1. Platts church is in Bham where I live and I got to hear this one. And yes…it is just as you described! I think Platt is one of the most gifted and anointed pastors around today…particularly in challenging others in the area of the Great Commission.

    Thanks for posting this one!

  2. My wife and I have listened to these sermons and they are life changing. I have reccomended them every chance I get. His sermon at the Southern Baptist Convention Pastor’s Conference was awesome. In it he dealt with the suffering in the world and called us to reach out to them through the gospel and relief of suffering. His recent series in the book of Ruth was really good. Other sermons I’ve heard by him have been excellent, particularly his sermons on biblical manhood and womanhood. We have been to The Church at Brook Hills a few times and would like to join there regularly, but are already committed to another local church. The church is amazing and apparently has gone through much reform since Platt became the pastor. I’ve heard there has been over 50+ adoptions there and this is an area of emphasis along with reaching the nations with the Gospel and relief of suffering. It is very exciting. He reminds me of John Piper with his passion.

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