Manry Family Adoption Testimony

I love hearing how God leads others to adopt. Here is a wonderful testimony from new friends we met in Uganda.

img_0053-2 Mark and I have had a heart for adoption since before we married. I can remember distinct conversations about the possibility of adopting regardless of whether we were able to have our own children. The vision of a blended family was desirable to us because of the spiritual significance of it reflecting the diverse family of God. We understand ourselves as the wild olive shoots Paul speaks of in Romans 11 that, by faith and through Jesus, have been grafted in among the other branches to be nourished by the rich root. We are thankful to God for extending such a generous and compassionate heart toward us. And we give him glory for our rich inheritance as his children. Adoption is part of God’s long history of redemption, a story that has become our story. As people created in his image, we not only rejoice in the ways we are already like him, but we strive to become increasingly shaped in his image. With this in mind, our family desires to imitate the way God loves…at least the best way we know how! One way we are doing this is by opening our hearts and home to those who don’t know the love of parents or the grace of God.

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