4 Practical Means to Nurturing an Adoption Culture in Your Church

I wrote previously about aiming to create a culture of adoption in your church as opposed to just another ministry or program. Below are some practical things that you can do to nurture an adoption/orphan care culture in your church.

  1. Get together as adoptive families. If you have more than one adoptive family in your church you are already ahead of the game. You may be the start to a great movement in your church. Find one another and meet for fellowship, encouragement, and prayer.
  2. Preach on and speak about adoption and orphan care. Start with the gospel and move outwards to the implications on our lives. If you are not in leadership, pray for and encourage your church leadership to speak about adoption and orphan care. If they seem reluctant at first, don’t pressure them but be patient. Here are two articles – 10 Ways to Pastor Adoptive Parents and Those Considering Adoption & What to do When Church Leaders Don’t “Get it”
  3. Help others with creative ways they can care for orphans. Your story and experience will be the best resource they have. Not everyone is called to adopt but everyone is called to care for orphans in some way. It may be through prayer, foster care, respite care, giving financially, babysitting, orphan sponsorship, or serving on a mission trip.
  4. Provide financial assistance to families considering adoption. For so many couples the number one obstacle to moving forward with adoption is the cost. By providing even a small amount of financial assistance churches take part in opening the doors of faith for families to adopt. I have seen this as a catalyst which has led to many adoptions over the years in one church which has led to the creation of a distinct adoption culture. Click here to find out how you can establish a local church adoption fund.

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