5 thoughts on “Orphans, Church Planting, and the Nations

  1. Jason, we are doing just what you talked about. Church planting is not our ministry but it happens frequently as a result of our work with orphans and vunerable children. What if the church needs the orphan more than the orphan needs the church? What if the orphan is God’s vehicle for explosive church growth and strengthening!
    Until they all have homes,

    Alan Hunt
    World Orphans

    • Allan,
      Amen! I love what WORLD ORPHANS is doing in this regard. I would love to talk more with you guys about this. The potential is massive for the sake of orphans and the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth!

  2. Jason,
    Some very interesting insight on your part! Thanks for taking the time to share these thoughts with your blog family. I have often thought about how these two aspects of God’s love for orphans and His mechanism for spreading the gospel (The Church), merge together to make us all more like Jesus! Thanks again for sharing…I can’t wait to meet you guys in Nashville at the T4A Conference in October.

    On a less spiritual note, how do you like snow leopard? I just ordered it today! 🙂 Tell Dwain MACs rule!!

  3. Keith,
    Can’t wait to finally meet you as well! I hope to flesh these thoughts out more and more and learn from guys much smarter than me and those like the World Orphans guys who are seeing it happen.

    I like Snow Leopard so far. Haven’t had the chance to really get to know one another. I’ll pass the word onto Dwain too! That guy needs some encouragement in that area!

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