Memorial Funds for Adoption

LegacyChildLogoSome of our staff spent last week in Nashville exhibiting at the AACC World Conference with over 7,000 attendees promoting our Legacy Child ministry! It was a great week filled with lots of great conversations. Legacy Child has so much potential for families and adoption and I want to make sure I mention it periodically on the blog.

What is Legacy Child?
Many of us are looking for a meaningful way to create a living legacy in memory of a loved one. Legacy Child allows you to do that…many times over! We help you set up a perpetual fund to provide interest free loans to families who are desiring to adopt.

How It Works

  1. We set up a fund in your loved one’s name. You and others can then make tax deductible contributions into this fund. This can be a one time gift or you can continue to make periodic contributions to your loved one’s fund.
  2. You may also submit a photograph and brief biography to be added to our website.
  3. We allow you to choose the family who will benefit from your fund by selecting from our pre-approved families, or we can choose the family taking into consideration your specified preferences.
  4. As the initial family repays their loan and your fund is replenished, you can choose another family to help as your gifts keep on giving.
  5. Each approved adopting family will indicate the level of communication desired with the donor. You can choose a family that fits your level of communication desired.

For more information please visit our website and we’d love to talk.

1 thought on “Memorial Funds for Adoption

  1. Jason, Thanks for sharing about the Legacy Child Ministry! I also wanted to let folks know that our family decided last Christmas to start a Legacy Child (honor fund) instead of purchasing gifts that our family really didn’t need, we decided to give to our fund to help bring home an orphan to their forever family.

    In fact, we met a couple last week that needed about the same amount of money that we had in our Honor fund to help bring home their little boy from russia in the next few weeks. Our fund is currently being used to bring home a little one to his forever family! Thanks to Julie and Dwain at the office moving quickly on this request. This is a wonderful ministry and a way that anyone can easily become involved in orphan care.

    I just wanted to make everyone aware that you don’t have to wait until someone passes on to start a Legacy Child Fund!

    Please consider starting a Legacy Fund Memorial or Honor today!!!

    Thanks again Jason for bringing this wonderful ministry up on the blog! (what a great blog it is!!)


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