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I am hearing from more and more folks that this series by David Platt at Brookhills has really impacted them. It is powerful! The other month I posted one of the sermons from this series here. I encourage you to listen/watch that sermon and the rest as they address what the gospel says concerning the poor, oppressed, orphaned and widowed.

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  1. Check out the current James series of sermons. He finished the 6th sermon last Sunday covering the end of James 2. There is so much going on at Brookhills related to the James series. Born out of this series of sermons is what he is calling the “Radical Experiment”. See the Church at Brookhills website to see what this is all about and there will be a website related to it at the beginning of October. The overall theme has been to be doers of the Word and Platt has made many practical calls for how this works out in our life or how to be doers of God’s Word. He called DHR and asked them what the foster care needs are and was told there are 40 foster care families and 150 more are needed. He challenged the church to meet this need and arranged a meeting with DHR represenatives on a Sunday afternoon. 160 families committed to become foster parents from the church and the DHR social workers present were overwhelmed with emotion with the commitment the church made to the care of foster children. Platt himself sold his house and downsized so he could be a better steward of the resources God gave him, and this at a time when his family is growing through adoption, and talks about this at the beginning of the 2nd sermon in the James series I believe. The church had around a $600,000 budget surplus for the year and are going to vote to give $525,000 immediately to Compassion International for their work with the poor in India. They are meeting the complete need in the particular Compassion program their giving to. On top of this they have more plans to give like this for next year and Platt is calling the church to live sacrificially now so they can give abundantly next year and he’s setting the example himself. There is so much that could be said as to all that is going on at Brookhills related to the poor, oppressed, orphaned and widowed and I’ve not even mentioned what is going on related to missions and the spread of the Gospel locally and globally which is equally amazing. I’ve heard around 1000 people have gone on short-term missions trips this year and many many have been sent from the church on long-term missions all over the world. Add to all this the grounding of the church in sound doctrine through the “Secret Church” (see website) and seminary level theological classes. Platt is an amazing leader. I could go on, but you get the picture.

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