Together for Adoption Conference Less than 2 Days Away

We have been busy gearing up for the conference this weekend! It is hard to believe it is less than 2 days away. We are very excited. We are also very humbled by the registration numbers – it looks like we will have over 600 folks attending. More than anything we see that as evidence of God’s work in the hearts of His people, moving His church to care for the fatherless!

Please pray for the last minute details that we are working on and all the things that we don’t expect that may happen. Pray for Dan, he had a fever today. We know the enemy hates it when God’s people get close to God’s heart. But most of all please join us in praying that Jesus will be made much of! My desire is that we would be made freshly aware of what He has done in our own spiritual adoption and then connect the dots to what that means for our care of orphans around the world. If we do that the potential is massive!

I can’t wait to see what God will do in the hearts of His children, for His glory and the joy of orphans!

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