Show Hope Provides Their 2000th Adoption Grant

Picture 49Congratulations Show Hope! God is using you big time to move the church towards God’s heart for the fatherless and to enable families to adopt! My family is one of those families that has been blessed (maybe grant #1865?) It made my day to read that you gave your 2000th grant! Glory to God – He truly knows the eternal fruit that number represents!

Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife Mary Beth are well-known for their long legacy of advocating on behalf of the world’s orphans. Show Hope, the non-profit organization they founded, mobilizes individuals and communities to care for orphans. The ministry also provides waiting children with families by giving financial grants to those adopting, and Show Hope is proud to announce that they have recently given their 2000th grant to an adopting family!

Since its inception, Show Hope has financially helped provide forever homes for over 2,000 orphans from 40 countries, resulting in a truly worldwide impact. Yet, still so much more pecuniary assistance is needed. Their Adoption Aid Grant program receives at least 150 new adoption assistance financial grant requests each month. Currently, at an average financial grant of $3,000-$4,000, Show Hope is able to help roughly 25-35 families a month, far less than the requested amount, by 60%.

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1 thought on “Show Hope Provides Their 2000th Adoption Grant

  1. S.H. helped us, and some friends of ours! It’s amazing they’re able to give so much! Many grants we applied for said they’d love to help, but they have 50 applicants a month and only enough funds for 1 or 2 grants. Praise God for all these folks!

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