How Many Christians Would it Take to Adopt All the Adoptable Orphans in the World?

How many adoptable orphans are there in the world?

How many Christians are there?

What is percentage of Christians would it take to adopt all the orphans?

My best guess (looking at the data available, see my Orphan Statistics post) is that 40-50 million orphans worldwide are adoptable or would be best cared for through adoption. Ideally that means adoption locally/indigenously first and then adoption internationally.

As for Christians, according to Mission Frontiers, globally there are:

Christian Believers — 800 million who have been born again into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Other Christians — 1.37 billion who consider themselves Christians because they come from a Christian culture.

Culturally near non-Christians — 1.8 billion are not yet Christians but live in a people where a viable, indigenous church movement has been established.

Therefore, if roughly 6% of the born again Christians in the world adopted we could care for all the adoptable orphans in the world (I have heard 7% used and that might be true as well).

Either way you add it up, there are way too many orphans worldwide and way too many Christians to not believe we can make a difference! I’m going to go buy the domain

13 thoughts on “How Many Christians Would it Take to Adopt All the Adoptable Orphans in the World?

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  3. Hi Jason. I found your blog today via twitter. I was searching about Orphan Sunday. Great stuff here. I just checked out your twitter page and found out that you’re in Charlotte. We’re not far from there.

    My husband and I are adopting an 11 year old through DSS. It’s difficult but it was definitely a “God thing”.

    Blessings to you.

    BTW, I’m @thriftymommy on twitter.

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  5. I have adopted eight special needs kids in the U.S. and they have given me much more than I ever tried to give them. Adoption should be an easy decision for affluent people and I probably was not one when I adopted nor am I one now. True riches are not measured in dollars, only what we do in obedience to Christ

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  11. Jason = good post and praying that you challenge many. I probably would reject this quote, “Ideally that means adoption locally/indigenously first”… I am in a country that has closed down international adoptions and the orphanages are over capacity. Local adoption will not come close to meeting the need.
    I have heard that terminology from UNICEF and United Nations sources. If there was ever an agency that harmed children more in the name of saving them I don’t know of it. But over all I totally agree with you otherwise.
    In Christ,
    Dennis McCutcheon

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