Thoughts on Prayer

Picture 79I have been thinking about prayer lately and deeply challenged by this question: ‘If God answered your prayers how would the world be different today?’

Given the glory of God and the nature of prayer – it is humbling to think of how little I pray and how small and narrow my prayers can be.  It is much easier for me to spend more time praying for my personal needs and the needs of those closest to me than I do for those in my church, neighborhood, city, and the many urgent spiritual and physical needs of those around the world.

This is one reason I am so thankful for the group of folks that have ‘gathered’ on Wednesday’s to pray and fast for the world’s poor. This has given me some form of accountability at least once a week. I realize more and more that I need these kinds of reminders to pray “outside myself.” I need community to help me understand the varied needs around the world that I don’t see. I need my brothers and sisters to remember that I have been called to God’s mission and part of that is the privilege of prayer. Amazingly, God wants to change the world through my prayers, your prayers, our prayers!

That moves me to pray much bigger, kingdom-centered prayers. It moves me to wonder at what could be…

I don’t want to miss out on seeing revival happen in my city.
…seeing the church in my city provide for every foster child and waiting child.
…seeing God’s people adopt every adoptable orphan and sponsor every sponsorable child.
…seeing homelessness eradicated in my city and our nation.
…seeing sex trafficking ended and every modern slave freed.
…seeing the end any child’s death because of a preventable disease. A mosquito net. A vaccine. A pill.

I don’t want to miss out…because I didn’t ask God.

If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” John 15:7

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