Faith moves families to adopt children from overseas

Great article in the Tennessean on adoption and the church. They also mention Together for Adoption and Orphan Sunday:

The movement for faith-based overseas adoption seems poised to grow. Last weekend, more than 700 people attended an adoption conference at Christ Community Church in Franklin, where they learned how adoption works, and discussed the theology of adoption — the teaching that believers are adopted into God’s family at their conversion. The church also will host a concert, to be simulcast nationwide, by Christian musician Steven Curtis Chapman, for Orphan Sunday on Nov. 8.

The Rev. Scott Roley, the church’s pastor, hopes more Christians will adopt orphans, both in the United States and overseas. He said about 40 families in the church have adopted, including he and his wife, who have five children. Three of them were adopted in the United States.

But he applauds American parents who adopt children overseas.

“If you take a child from one of those orphanages you are really saving their life,” he said.

Read the whole article here.

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