Abortion and Racism

I watched two videos today that are powerful and disheartening in their own ways. First is the video by Bound4LIFE making the connection between abortion and racism. I’m so glad they did this video because there needs to be more said about this connection and the strategies of Planned Parenthood. If you only watch one video watch this one and pray and consider what you can do to be a voice for the unborn.

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The second video breaks my heart on a number of levels. Tishana, a pro-choice African-American woman, is being interviewed about why she is protesting the Health Care ammendment that opposes public funding supporting abortion. She argues:

I’ve had an abortion and I’ve also labored, twice. I was at different points in my life at the time. And if I had not been able to make the decision to abort, I would be the mother of five children right now and that doesn’t exactly work. Especially since there are slim to none social resources for women who do decide to labor in Georgia, especially teen mothers. And I was a teen mother at that time I already had my two children, but I needed an abortion. If I didn’t have the right to make that decision, then they wouldn’t have known what to do with me anyway, because I’d probably be homicidal. And that’s just the truth. You know, when you’re standing between a woman and her child, whether she’s decided to abort that child or have that child, you’re in the way of something that has absolutely nothing to do with you. So just get the f- out of my way, you know?

I was stunned when she said “I needed an abortion.” And her feeling of being homicidal in response to those who would get in her way is amazing to me. Essentially she is saying “If you try and stop me from committing homicide through abortion, I’ll commit it elsewhere.” That has stopped me in my tracks today! I can’t help but pray for Tishana and the many other woman who are like her and who are being seduced to believe this lie. I can’t help but wonder what she thinks about adoption and why that was not an option for her.

Why is the pain of giving life to your child and placing it in a loving family and living with a potential sense of loss greater than the pain of ending that child’s life?

We need to pray. We need to act. We need to rise up as a church and reach out to woman like this with mercy and gospel truth. We need to do this for their sake and the sake of the unborn. It is a justice issue. It is a gospel issue.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

8 thoughts on “Abortion and Racism

  1. oh goodness jason…this really hit me hard too…praying God will open the eyes of many and that we would be used to speak the truth on this matter…i shudder to think that lucy’s birthmother could have had the same mentality at this young woman…instead she was strong and courageous and in a huge act of love she placed her daughter in the care of our family and now she is our great joy!

  2. Wow, this stopped me in my tracks also as I watched… goodness it’s just so sad.
    To think that a lack of resources is what is causing women to abort their babies is devastating and will never fail to alarm me.
    What strikes me about Tishana is how similar she is to many women even here in Australia… so easily on the attack. With little support, love and care through her circumstances, she has become hardened and fierce about defending her right to abort.
    Unfortunately we often attack right back instead of being willing to walk alongside women in their crisis. I believe there is more we can do than simply protest abortion or promote adoption. This is key to why I LOVE Abbafund and Together for Adoption, as they provide tools, education and practical assistance in the adoption part of the puzzle.
    Thanks so much for sharing… we love your heart for this!

  3. Thanks for this post. I am not as shocked as you, having lived in a very diverse area in Minneapolis for many years. The first video makes me think of a book that I haven’t read but was told about, Freakonomics. The author puts Roe v. Wade and dropping crime rates in major urban cities in the 80’s together for some staggering results.

    Thanks for your tireless work in blogging for Abba Fund.

  4. I encourage you to get a copy of Maafa21, a stunning new documentary which shows you original Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger, and American Eugenics Society documents and the links of their eugenic and racist beliefs to modern day abortion. It is powerful ! See a clip here: http://www.maafa21.com

  5. As a fellow Georgian with Tishana and an adoptive father, I find this particularly sad. Would that the church in Georgia were so invested in adoption ministry and so supportive of those in Tishana’s situation that this kind of charge could never be made in our state!

  6. Jason, thanks for bringing this stuff to light. As part of a transracial family, I read a lot of blogs about race, and sadly most of them tend to be very negative towards adoption, and very pro-abortion. In fact, the gal who posted the second video (Latoya Peterson) is the moderator for one I frequent called Racialiscious, and seeing this agenda makes me sad. It is SO REFRESHING to come here and read a positive spin on adoption, and to see someone who is wanting to fight racism from a pro-life stance.

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