Become an Adoption Advocate

Here are a few ways that you can become an advocate for adoption.

1.) Pursue God’s heart for adoption through prayer and study. The first place to start in becoming an effective advocate for adoption is to spend time in the presence of God who is the ultimate adoption advocate. The closer we get to God the closer we will get to His heart in this matter. It is God’s heart and God’s motivation and example that will serve to move us and motivate us. We must continually remember that adoption is first about God and what God has done for us in Christ through the gospel. That is why we adopt. He first adopted us. This not only serves to motivate us but also serves to keep us humble and full of joy in all our efforts. Humble-joy and humble-courage are two qualities that make advocates most effective.

To practically pursue God’s heart for adoption start in God’s word and in prayer. Not only start there, but stay in God’s word and in prayer as much as possible. This will ensure that your efforts are spirit-led and spirit-motivated. Too many of our efforts are done without the Holy Spirit. The world needs to see Christian’s stepping out in ways that can only be explained by the Holy Spirit’s involvement.

2.) Speak to others about the facts and needs. Many people don’t know that there are over 145 million orphans in the world today and that 130,000 of those children are available to be adopted in US today at no cost. I can’t tell you how many people I talk too tell me they never knew and I could sense that they want to do something. Something. Anything.

Practically, arm yourself with the facts and needs that exist. Start a file on your computer, bookmark videos, start a blog. Look for opportunities to share with others in the midst of everyday conversations. Redeem your facebook and twitter status with world-changing, life-altering information.

The common response to the facts and need is “That is not right!” That is why the next step is key.

3.) Invite others to do something. It is not enough to know the facts and know what the needs are, we need to act and meet need. God has given you sphere of influence. These are all the people you call friends and those you know through community groups and your church. Invite them to be a part of the solution to the orphan crisis. Ask them to not only become aware of the issues but to also do something. To be a voice for the voiceless and most vulnerable. The fact that you are stepping out and doing something will be an encouragement to them. Invite friends, families, college students, and your church to get involved. It may look different for each one but developing a heart for adoption that leads to the actual care for children is a process. Start with your own children and with the children in your church being captured with a vision for adoption. Along these lines, don’t just look for individuals but seek to invite whole communities to get involved. Start an adoption ministry in your church, in your community.

4.) Share resources. Once you have shared the facts, the needs, and invited folks to do something don’t leave them hanging. Point them in the right direction to begin the adoption journey or at least the journey towards a heart for adoption. Not everyone is called to actually adopt but they may be called to become an adoption advocate like you (I know a few incredible adoption advocates who have not actually adopted!) Here are a few helpful resources to start with:

5.) Pray for orphans and families. I already mentioned the importance of prayer in the first point but I mention is again here because we cannot overstate the importance of prayer when it comes to advocating for the fatherless. If we are going to dream of a day when every orphan is rescued and provided a family then we desperately need God to move!

Pray. Study. Share. Invite. Provide. Pray.

5 thoughts on “Become an Adoption Advocate

  1. It’s true, the world does need more people advocating on behalf of the children. We recently noticed that within the state of Florida, there are more than 15,000 children waiting in foster care. That is one child per 422 households. This is a problem that can be solved as we increase awareness.

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