Older Child Adoption: Elaine Bateman “Mom to 19”

Elaine Bateman, Mrs. Kentucky, talks about what it is like to be a mom to 19 kids…many adopted at age 18 or older.

At one point she makes the statement that in the church today there are “many teachers but few mothers and fathers.” That struck me.

There are so many children, teens, college students, young adults, and even adults that desperately need fathers and mothers. Will you be a mother or father to those in your community that have no mother or father, no matter their age? Will I? So often our mindset (my mindset) is to adopt children as young as possible. That way, we hope to minimize problems and challenges that we believe increase as children get older. Sure, there is wisdom to be had in what ages we bring into our homes (birth order, etc) but I’m just struck afresh by the fact that God did not adopt us as young as possible so we would be as moldable as possible. He adopts us into His family at all ages and with all our dysfunction and sin. In fact, He adopted us when we were His enemies, spitting in His face. What mercy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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