Top 5 Prayer Needs for Haiti

A friend of mine leads a large young adult gathering in Charlotte that is doing amazing things for that city. Tonight close to a thousand of them will unite together in prayer for Haiti. He asked me what I thought were the top 5 prayers needs. Here is my shot at it. Please add yours in the comments:

  1. RESCUE: Pray for those who still need to be rescued. Some are buried and others are near death due to major injury, lack of food, water, medical care.
  2. RELIEF-WORKERS: Pray for those from all around the world who have gone to Haiti to help in the rescue and recovery efforts. Safety, wisdom, energy.
  3. HAITIAN CHURCH: Pray for the church in Haiti, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and their role in rebuilding their country.
  4. PROTECTION: Pray for God’s protection in the days to come as looting and violence becomes common due to the circumstances.
  5. ORPHANS: Pray for all the children that just lost one or both parents. Pray for the orphanages. Many of their buildings are devastated and they lack essential resources.

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